Mr. Kerry Feb26


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Mr. Kerry

As I have said previously and will keep repeating, criticism is legitimate and important!

That said, some of the voices coming from our government (and not some lowly talkback) have been at best ungrateful at worst outright maleficent.

We don’t have to agree to every suggestion, request or demand the Americans make.
You can argue they dont always understand us, sometimes we don’t understand them and yes, sometimes they seem to be considering interests other than ours. Shocking.

But one thing seems to be overlooked by the critics;

They Don’t Have To Be Doing Anything At All!

John Kerry keeps coming here, talks to us, talks to them, gets insulted by us, by them, again and again but keeps coming.

For us Israelis there is a name for people who persevere against the odds, who try to find solutions for seemingly impossible challenges or fix what appears to be unfixable:
“frayer” : sucker, פראייר
We have a more tangible and practical approach to life and conflict.

  1. It will be alright, everything will be ok, it will work out, you’ll see… יהיה בסדר
  2. The world is the way it is. Things are how they are and cannot be changed.

So somehow some of us are under the impression that the Americans are doing this because they owe us. Maybe they feel morally obligated but in reality they owe us nothing.

I think they are doing this because they perceive themselves as our friends. Being our friends does not mean they are not allowed to be friends with others that we don’t like. That’s something seven-year-olds do.
It doesn’t make them the enemy. Which leads to C
If you are not with us you are against us.

Mr. Kerry,
I too am not sure about everything you do or say.
I dont know if you will succeed. I hope you do.
Your perseverance has earned my respect and esteem.
I encourage you to not give up.