Why can’t we be friends? Feb26


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Why can’t we be friends?

In connection with the visit of Germany’s government here in Israel the following thoughts occurred to me:

We have reconciled with the worse enemy and wrongdoer to the Jewish people in history.

  1. So, to our critics I say – yes, criticism is necessary and legitimate – it’s democracy’s true watchdog, and believe me, I am not (I cant underline or bold the word so let me emphasize NOT NOT NOT) a supporter of the current prime minister and his political views, yet I think you should help us fix where we cannot ourselves by being friends to both sides, not taking sides, because as much as I would like it to be so and as hard as it is to admit, I suppose the other side feels it is in the right too.
  2. To our enemies I say – we are not an evil regime as you would like to contend – we are NOT and can NOT be compared to Nazis, Afrikaner apartheid or any other dark regime. Yes we have racism – so do you, we are not perfect angels – neither are you. But we are here, we have nowhere else to go and we want a homeland that is ours – as do you.
  3. And to our own and our supporters I have a question, one that I am not even going to suggest I have an answer to: Why could we patch things up with the Germans but can’t even get into a civil relationship with the Arabs in general and the Palestinians in particular.

As an Israeli and a Jew – I choose my side: we are good, we are just and we are right.

However we also need to look at the reality of things and realize that you can’t always get what you want but if you try sometime, you just might find you get what you need.

Ironically, on military bases all over the country there is a sign you see when exiting the base: On the road be smart, not right!

This is a motto we not only neglect to implement on roads but in every other aspect of our lives…

So all I am saying is what they said a while back, give peace a chance.